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Free WorldWide Shipping As Normal 😷 Stay Safe

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  • She knows she was wrong that’s baby going to be scarred for life she going to remember that And grew up with that.This is why you have to be careful who you have sex with use a Condom,Trash bag Walmart bag what ever you can.

    Jack john
  • She was selfish and petty. Blame a man for leaving that. Yuck.

  • Girl u are super sad a poor excuse of a mother with your petty ass that was very stupid of you to do dumb ass now I hope he gets custody of his kids never ever forget what aniya Garrett mother did to her I hope the courts take them from you your not fit to raise a rat

    Lilly Duncan
  • You should be reported to child services you prick

  • She know that she was being petty. If it was too tight what was the show for?!??!? Why not wait until you got home and explain to your daughter that it needed to come out. But like you said it was because you didnt do it…….. you hurt your baby because of your ego


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