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Bathroom Toilet bowl Led Nightlight

Motion Activated Toilet Light Night Toilet Light LED Light Changing Toilet Bowl Nightlight for Bathroom Perfect Decorating Water Toilet Light

Give your Toilet a Nice Look

Are you looking for an ingenious but affordable fix to make your toilet much more fun and accommodative for your family. Give your toilet a unique look during nighttime and make it way easier for your family members to locate the toilet without turning on bright lights.

Battery Operated, Easy to Install

The Toilet bowl LED night light comes with a durable, long-lasting rechargeable battery for your convenience. What’s more? You can install this accessory within seconds. No tools or screws required!

Why you Need Motion-Activated Toilet Night Lights

You probably are familiar with the inconvenience of visiting the bathroom at night. If you turn on the bright overhead light, it blinds you and makes it harder for you to catch your sleep back. If you do not turn the light on, you’ll have to stumble in the dark!

The toilet night light LED is attached to your toilet and automatically turns on when you get in (it detects motion within 10-15 feet). The LED accessory shines a soft glow in a variety of the colors (which you can select based on your preferences). This light will stay on until 60 seconds after the motion has stopped.

What’s more? Our LED toilet light is super-easy to install and can be set up within a minute or so. With a rechargeable battery that works with USB, you really have no excuse to stumble in the dark the next time you go to the bathroom at night.

Working Conditions

  • In dark environments
  • Motion sensor works within the 2-3 meters range
  • Induction angle: 120 degree


  • AUTO LIGHTING, NO MORE STUMBLING AROUND IN THE DARK AND [Battery Included] – are you tired of fumbling in the dark for a light switch when you need to use the bathroom at night? The multi-color LED toilet bowl light is the perfect accessory to decorate your bathroom. With a motion sensor, this LED lighting automatically turns on and makes your bathroom use much more convenient. You no longer have to turn on lights that are too bright at night!
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITH LONG LASTING DURABLE PARTS – do you want to give your family a little surprise by making the bathroom a fun and accommodative place? The multi-color LED toilet bowl lighting system is designed to do just that. You can install this accessory in a matter of seconds. The adjustable and flexible arm makes things easier, and you can make the motion sensor more effective by having it face the bathroom door!
  • EASY TO CLEAN, SAFE TO USE, ENJOY MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE – are you looking for a toilet bowl light that is easy to clean and safe to use for your entire family? The LED multi-color toilet bowl light is a smart device that makes your bathroom pleasant and more fun. What’s more? If you’re training your kids on how to use a potty, this LED lighting for the bathroom will make it much more fun for them.
  • MULTI-COLORED LED LIGHT, AUTO SENSING WITH ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM – are you on a budget but looking for an easy and affordable way to light your bathroom and make it more enticing? Ditch those complicated bathroom wall lights and go for the multi-color LED toilet bowl accessory that’s highly usable. Even better, this LED lighting system is fitted with an energy saving system so you get maximum value for your money.

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